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My name is Amanda and I'm 17 years old. I just need a place to vent and ask questions it seems like it will be more relateable with people around my age. 
I got pregnant on Birthcontrol, with my boyfriend of a year. I am 13w6d. I'm really scared, for our relationship. Lately I feel so depressed I barely have any friends I feel alone 95% of the time. I know being a pregnant teen wasn't going to be a barrol of fun and while I'm very excited for this baby. I really wish I would have waited. I got my GED.. I was planning on getting it before I knew I was pregnant. I don't have a job at the momment after my boss found out I was pregnant he cut my hours.. and when I mean cut he sliced.. I was working 7days a week 6hrs a day, then he cut me to 1day a week 3hrs... it was getting rediculous, My boyfriend works construction he works 10hrs a day. I've been trying to find a job but not with much luck, It's pretty hard when I don't even have my license. However I have a really supportive family and know I will be alright.

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