pirategrl_cjs (pirategrl_cjs) wrote in 18_and_or_under,

Well today was my appointment. My doctor asked me if we ever found out the gender of the baby and I told him no, and he said "well we'll just have to see if we can find a reason to take a peak!"..hehe I love my doctor. So anyway he measured me and said that we're gunna have to get an ultrasound anyway because I'm measuring farther along! I know it can't be a mix up from my menstrual period because I'm positive of the first day of my last period. But my ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 20th. But everything else is going perfectly! I also went in and got the glucose test done today, the glucola actually isn't too bad but my results for that wont be back until monday. I'll update again on Tuesday after my ultrasound.
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