diana (diggy_birdy) wrote in 18_and_or_under,

hello everyone!!
this is the site owner. sorry i havent updated in a long while!!
i'm so happy that people keep up to this community. it brings a tear to my eye to know that i succeeded in making a community for people to come to.
it's what i've always wanted, = ]
i've been so busy lately! 
having a little 1 year old + working full time + school, doesnt exactly leave much time for leisure!

i'm so glad most are doing good. i'd like to get to know you guys more!!
i have a new LJ btw..


morbid_bubble idk, dont ask, haha. but anywho, i'd love to hear everyons stories! so hit me up. thanks much. plh. diana.

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im 17 and 20wks today 1/9/07
tommrow i find out the gender
im very nervous that the doctor will tell me their is something wrong
how do i get over this fear by tommrow?
aw, it's normal to worry.
i know i thought my baby was gonna be retarded, deformed, and all kinds of ugly..
but he turned out perfect.
unless you have some kind of deformity disease that runs in yours, or the fathers family, then there really isnt anything to worry about.
i think everyone fears the first few sonograms.
it's a natural thing to worry.
wait till you start nesting!!
people will think YOU have problems, hahaha.
good luck. tell me if it's a boy or girl!!

and if i dont respond right away here, you can e-mail me.

[my personal LJ is morbid-bubble, you want an add?]
its a boy his name is
stephen joel comeau jr