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Hi guys

Hi guys i decided to join your community hope you dont mind. Well I found out i was pregnant in September. I am about 32 weeks along. I cant believe how fast its going. I just quit work because being a cashier was getting a little hard. My boyfriend and i live with my parents so i can save up and go to college. We are having a little boy. We are Naming him Brandon after his daddy. He is twenty and I am 17. This is a little scary for me. But i have to go now so if anyone has some tips on how to relieve back aches please let me know.
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congrats on baby, i know how scary it can be. I'm 17 and me and my fiance live with my parents too and i just had my son in january. try getting down on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth a little, gravity will pull everything down so it will relieve some of your back pain. hope that helps!!
Thanx dude it helped a lot