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Well i'm 16new here and kicked of my new year with a great start... unprotected sex with a bloke that doesn't care about me, apparently was goin out with me(although i don't remember agreein to that)and shagged my friend like a day later or something. Now i'm more-than-likely having his baby, i have to divulge this information to my ex; who i'm in love with and the feelings mutual; sometime soon because he's intending to come back down to the other end of the country to see me an is expecting sex, love and not to be greeted by a great big bump. Also this baby has a weak chance of survival because of previous experinces with anorexia and bulimia -which according to doctors left me practically infertile-oh an i have to get a job, apply for numerous colleges(and get in to at least one), get a flat and pass my Phys.ed exam whilst being about 3-5months pregnant(depending when i have to take it)and considering i chose gymnastics and intense dance as the core subjects for my exam i'm well an truly screwed. *sighs* I needed that vent. On the other hand i'm used to taking care of children(there's hundereds of people in my family) and i know it's different to raise a child of yourn own flesh and blood, but i'm willing to care for this child giving him/her all my heart and devout my soul to them. Iv'e quit smoking, won't let anyone smoke near me, aren't eating foods with artificial colours or flavourings in, practically binging on green tea(had to stop taking the vitamin tablets that were making my hair so shiny n skin so clear though:() owel.
Well congradulations on everyones pregnancy and sorry for the life story if that kinda thing bores you.
luv katixxxxx
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